Houston Writers Guild Annual Conference

Tomorrow will be a big day for this editor! I’m going to be a speaker at the Houston Writers Guild annual conference. My presentation is called “Preparing to Work with and Later Working with an Editor.” It was an honor to be asked to speak. I’ll also serve on the Q&A panel again with a few literary agents.

This conference is a big event in the Houston writing community, and it offers so many great resources for writers (both beginners and pros). Some writers set up tables to promote their latest works, other professionals in the publishing industry feature their skills and services, and a few agents make themselves available to hear pitches from writers. Registration is available via the link above. Come say hi if you see me!

Editor Amy


Do You Need an Editor?


I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love this graphic. I don’t know whom to give credit, but it’s great. I wish I could show it to everyone who writes, whether professionally or on the side and in hopes of being published. Every type and piece of writing can be improved with professional editing. “Professional” is the key word.

Many people think they don’t need editors, I believe because they know how to read and write, took English classes, and maybe consider themselves to be good at spotting their own mistakes or errors on signs. They must think that’s enough. It’s strange coming across that. Some people are downright adamant and insist that they don’t need editors. I doubt many surgeons come across the same thing. How many of us would feel confident that we could put a screw in someone’s broken limb or even close a wound with stitches or staples (at surgeon standards)? I took biology and a health-tech. class in high school. Am I semi-qualified? Could anyone who likes to debate and knows a handful of laws do a lawyer’s job? I seriously hope that people would seek professionals for those services.

Should editing be an exception? I’ve learned so much as an editor, and when training to be an editor, that I never would have learned in regular, daily life. (Now, not all editors meet the standards, but I won’t go into that. I will upon request, though.) I don’t want to come across as having no sense of humor or discourage those with a love of language; it brings a smile to my face when I see that someone likes what I posted about writing or editing on my Facebook page, and I encourage people to keep learning about what they love. I just wish more people acknowledged editing as something truly professional–like it is. Let the pros handle your novels, your graduate theses, your business proposals, your websites. If you find a great editor, you’ll love the results. Sure, it takes some work on your part to find and hire the right editor, and there will probably be revisions to work on, but it’s worth it for something you care about–something you want to look its best.

Now, look at the funny graphic again and laugh!

Editor Amy