Mickey Herskowitz“Any writer or publisher seeking an editor who is skilled, reliable, and resourceful can stop looking once they find Amy. Amy was involved in book projects of mine dealing with a variety of subjects—sports, biography, and Texas history to name three—and I can attest to her thoroughness and talent. And, no small virtue, she is easy to work with.”

—Mickey Herskowitz, author / educator / Hall of Fame sports columnist

“Amy is AMAZING! I was referred to her by a printing company, and now she is my editor I will go to from here on out. Not only is she skillful and reliable, but she also gives great insights and suggestions. Amy took the time to explain changes she made and gave advice when needed. She does a great job communicating through the entire process and also has a quick turnaround time. I love that Amy takes ownership of her services: she doesn’t sign off on the work until both of you are on the same page. I have worked with Amy on two book projects, and she helped develop my manuscripts to be print ready. I definitely recommend Amy’s services to anyone.”

—Kitria Stewart, author

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“When I decided to undertake the task of forming my own brand as a writer and publisher, my biggest hurdle was determining where to outsource the various stages of the publishing process. I met Amy in graduate school, and I knew her editing skills to be exemplary, so I reached out with my mad plan to professionally publish myself. Her enthusiasm for the project was evident from day one, and she was an absolute joy to work with. Her professionalism, organization, and expertise are unparalleled, and her dedication to the craft showed me areas in my own writing where I can improve. I highly recommend Amy to anyone seeking the best-quality editorial service the business has to offer.”

—Ari Ryder, author

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“When I stumbled on Amy, I was unsure of the type of editing service I needed for my debut manuscript. Amy carefully walked me through each possible service and answered a million questions until I knew she was the editor I wanted for this project. After working with Amy on several projects since, including manuscript evaluation, a full copyedit, and query letter coaching, I am impressed with Amy’s eye for detail and her ability to communicate clearly.

I’m so grateful it was Amy’s skillful eyes that studied and at times braved through my manuscript. I know without a doubt the story gained strength as it passed between her Track Changes and mine. I’m grateful for the way Amy approached the dreaded unclear writing with curiosity and intrigue rather than a blunt red pen and try-harder remarks that some editors use. Amy, you built trust with your knowledge for all things editorial and gained my loyalty through your amiable demeanor. Thank you for all the hard work!”

—Rebecca M. Stevens, author

“Several years ago I had an idea, and I eventually turned that idea into a manuscript. Believing that the reading public included those who would find enjoyment in my work of fiction, I worked to improve it but never felt I had totally achieved my goal. I went looking for an editor and found Editor Amy. Working with Amy has been both rewarding and delightful. Her professionalism and capabilities are matched by her ability to teach as she edits.

A considerable effort was required of Amy to reach the point where I now have a novel that I am proud to have my name associated with as I seek an agent and a publisher. Amy’s efforts have made me optimistic. When you read Back in a Moment, be assured that the high level of professionalism is the product of the efforts and abilities of Editor Amy.”

—John Sarantos, author

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“Working with Amy was exceptionally easy. Her turnaround time was quick, and her comments and suggestions were well received. One of the things I loved most about her editing was the teaching aspect. When she made a change to my work, she always cited her reason. Also, even as a grammar lover, I don’t always catch my own mistakes. With Amy, I’m covered. All I can say is, thank goodness for Editor Amy! I highly recommend her services.”

—Denise Ditto Satterfield, author (http://toothcollectorfairies.com)

“Editor Amy helped me edit my last three books. She’s great to work with and was even willing to work with my crazy deadlines. She took the time to explain the changes she recommended, even if it took a couple of exchanges for me to understand. Most importantly, she always tried to make sure I was comfortable working with her. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable working with someone, how comfortable can you be trusting the work they do on your project?”

—Theodore Niretac Tinker, author (www.balanceofseven.com)

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“I contacted Amy to edit one of my seven books for children. A deadline was at hand, and she stepped up to the challenge. To ensure she knew the style I wanted to maintain, I submitted the previous six books (edited by others) for her review. Amy noted that the other books had issues as well, but [she] did not take advantage of the situation and was very understanding and supportive of reaching my goals. I felt quite comfortable with her and committed to her editing all seven books. Although Amy was focused on adhering to editing standards, she also identified and kept my writing style at the forefront. Teaching me as she worked, Amy was creative and flexible with alternatives that not only did not detract from the storyline, but complemented it. Excellent job. Thank you, Amy!”

—Harry Capers Jr., author (www.dinobuddies.com)

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“I worked with Amy on a handful of documents over the course of two months, and I was very impressed with both her professionalism and her technical acumen. Her editing methods were easy to understand, and there was a smooth flow from draft to final product. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her to anyone needing document support.”

—Marshall McKinney, technical writer

“My line of business requires some level of personal promotion, but I have little knowledge in this department. I recently discovered a need for a press release, and Amy was referred to me by a long-time friend and business acquaintance. She is a great communicator and delivered exactly what I had in mind! Amy quickly drew up an efficient and polished document that I was proud to send to my corporate offices at RE/MAX of Texas. Without a doubt, Amy is now my go-to editor!”

—Kelly Stewart, RE/MAX Realtor