A Great New Children’s Book

I had the pleasure of working with author Denise Ditto Satterfield on her first book in the series The Tooth Collector Fairies. It’s truly a sweet, special children’s book, and I’m so happy that it came out how it did. Check it out here.

Here’s a brief description:

“In the magical land of Brushelot, it is Batina’s first day collecting teeth. She is determined that her humongous wings will not interfere with her mission. But on her way back, with a tooth secure in her pouch, her wings cause her to tumble, and the tooth is lost. Batina must call on her best friends, Lainey the brainiac and little Lulu, to work together to save the day.”

This book is even coming to life as a musical at a local performing arts center!


I enjoy keeping up with many clients, even after our work together is done. Many of them have produced amazing works and are on their way to making even more. There are a lot of great ideas out there, and I’d love to help as many authors as possible reach their goals.

Editor Amy

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